Small Jumbo acoustic guitar “The Tinman’s Heart”

Custom “Rounder” built for a heart transplant recipient, who will be using it to promote the organ donor program and to support other heart transplant patients going through the process. The bracing has been changed from the standard “Rounder” to accommodate a 12-fret design. The headstock inlay was designed and executed by renowned inlay artist Jimmi Wingert especially for “The Tinman.” The guitar also features a sound port for the player.

Osage orange back and sides, “Mastergrade” Italian spruce top, reclaimed (sinker) Honduran mahogany and maple neck, cocobolo fingerboard, bridge, binding, and headstock overlay, bloodwood and ebony rosette, red mallee burl endgraft, heel and sound porthole, bone nut, saddle and bridge pins, JJB artist series Prestige 330 pickup, maple bridge plate, gold Waverly tuners with snakewood knobs, gold EVO frets.

"Tinman Heart" small jumbo

“Tinman Heart” small jumbo

"Tinman" inlay by Jimmi Wingert

“Tinman” inlay by Jimmi Wingert

Venetian cutaway

Venetian cutaway

Sound port

Sound port


Italian spruce top

Osage orange back

Osage orange back

End graft

End graft

Waverly tuners

Waverly tuners

“It sounds and feels just wonderful to my big hands…..The spruce top is already opening up a bit (still has a ways to go), and the natural reverb is great.  Overtones are developing more slowly as I’d expect but it’s very well balanced…..I like it!…..I think the thing I like best is the wide and deep neck; it really fills my big hand and I don’t “arch” my palm when fretting barre chords.  Probably feels like a 2 X 4 to most folks, but I figure it’s the first time I know what a normal neck feels like to normal mitts! The Heart Guitar is big, open and airy with good separation and natural reverb and sustain.” ~ R.W.S. “The Tinman”

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  1. steve pelham Says:

    very very nice great job

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