About Acorn House Workshop

Welcome to the homepage of Acorn House Workshop, a woodworking venture by a serious hobbyist.

I began serious woodworking, when I bought a house atop a hill in the midst of towering white oaks. It had a detached 1-car garage in addition to the attached garage, so I decided to turn it into a woodworking workshop. I started out building some bookshelves and a dining table for the new house and have progressed from there; now designing and building everything from tables, chairs, boxes, and other assorted furniture and treen, to my first (of hopefully many) acoustic guitar.

The name – Acorn House – comes from the oaks surrounding my home and workshop, and the acorns that knock on the roof of the workshop in the fall (and make walking to the shop an adventure in heads-up!).

When I am not in the shop, I can be found in the world of academia, at the University of Rio Grande, where I am a Professor of Music.

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