Acoustic Bass Guitar “The Beast”

Acoustic Bass Guitar modeled after Mark Stanley’s designs, nicknamed “The Beast”, for its size and big, powerful sound. It is an acoustic bass guitar able to be played acoustically in a group and still be heard. It comes with western red cedar top, walnut back and sides, walnut and maple laminated neck, maple bindings, cocobolo fingerboard and bridge, bone nut and saddle, gold MOP inlay,  Gotoh tuners, gold Evo frets, Baggs Element Active System onboard pickup and preamp. Watch some short videos of The Beast.

“The Beast”




Oak leaf inlay


LR Baggs control box

Played “The Beast” this morning at church and got quite a few compliments not only on the look but the sound. It played remarkably well! When I first got there to tune, I plugged it into my amp without adjusting my amp down and hit the first note and about deafened myself. Had to turn my amp down by half and still got the same sound output if not slightly more. I am extremely happy with it! Thank you” ~ NLR

“I got a call today that it arrived so I picked it up after work. I could see the huge box at the back of the store from the sidewalk outside! The box appeared fine and there was no evidence of anything having fallen on it or piercing it. I got it home and unpacked and unpacked and unpacked. Great job ,very thorough. 

I first noticed the cedar top with the lighter hue in the center section, it reminds me of an old guitar as if it has been played for years. That cedar is a good combination with the walnut as it sounds great and is very big sounding as it came across on Jays video. I’m very happy with it ….. Thanks again for the beautiful instrument.” ~ GB

3 Responses to “Acoustic Bass Guitar “The Beast””

  1. Hi Acorn,
    The bass looks fabulous and the stripes thru the neck look great. What was the material you used to face the headstock?

    (Also on woodtalkonline and a WWGuild member)

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