Electric guitar “Butternut Deuce”

Butternut body, curly maple/butternut/mahogany through neck, spalted sycamore top and headplate, macassar ebony fingerboard, Gotoh tuners with ebony buttons, Schaller roller bridge and tailpiece, Tonerider P-90 pickups, ebony knobs, N-tune onboard tuner, mother of pearl inlays.




Oak leaf MOP inlay

Contoured body

2 Responses to “Electric guitar “Butternut Deuce””

  1. This is an absolutely gorgeous guitar! Can you tell me a bit about the build process, and Acorn House in general? This is my first time seeing your brilliant work! Might I also inquire about an asking price? Thanks!

    • acornhouseworkshop Says:

      Hi Jonas, I just saw your comment. I posted some of the build progress pics starting here. It is a neck through guitar built to order. Since all of my work is custom built, prices will vary according to the design, materials, etc. You can contact me at acornhouseworkshop@gmail.com for more specific information.

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