Going on Tilt

Had another sharpening session today. I am definitely pleased with the new machine. I can’t wait to use my nicely honed chisels and planes and see how long the edges last. In the first round of sharpening. I did some plane irons and a couple of old mortising chisels. The water did a super job of keeping the steel cool, not even a hint of blue, even while grinding a new angle on one of them. When I started on my first bevel-sided bench chisel, I noticed that I was not grinding perpendicular to the shaft, even though the chisel was firmly seated against the side of the jig. I could not, for the life of me, figure out what was going on.

Today, I tackled the rest of my metric Narex chisels, and had the same problem with the first one. Then, a light dawned. Well, not dawned, but peeked through. I noticed that the clamping plate of the jig was pushing down on one side of the chisel more than the other; and, even with a 20mm chisel (about 3/4″), that was enough to twist the chisel ever so slightly on the beveled side. Once I saw that, I readjusted the clamping plate so it was evenly applying pressure left to right, and was able to get a good 90° edge, even on the small 6mm (1/4″) chisel. Got a nice little production line going and finished the job in no time.

No more tilting at windmills, or grinding stones, for me!

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