Spanks a lot

This has been my hectic week at school, with 2 concerts, 2 dress rehearsals, a staff/faculty dinner, in addition to my regular classes. I did find an hour or so to fulfill a rather unusual commission. I had had some students help me with digging out a walkway last weekend. (Here’s a tip, if you don’t like having to dig and haul thick, heavy, clay, don’t live in SE Ohio!) In lieu of payment, one of them requested a couple of fraternity paddles. (At least I ASSUME they were for a fraternity….) I grabbed a board from my walnut stash that had too much sapwood to be used for a furniture project, but would work quite nicely for this. The band saw and spindle sander, with the help of a few hand tools, made short work of it.

Next project (still waiting for my QSWO), is a display case for award plaques and other selected student work for the Fine Arts Center. It will be made primarily of Walnut, with Greene & Greene style finger joints for the cases.

Only two more weeks of school, then I can REALLY get some work done!

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