Turn, turn, turn…

The last few days have been colder and wet, well, just blah. The cutting board is getting it’s mineral oil. I am up to 3 coats so far, maybe just one more. I am letting the oil dry for a few days between coats. I know they say one day, but I think that’s too quick to really cure. I’m still waiting for my quarter sawn white oak for the dining table to finish in the kiln.

Today, the sun finally returned, so I grabbed a bowl blank from my stock and went out to turn a small bowl before going in to school this afternoon. The wood that I grabbed was (from the Westpenn site): 

Chico Zapote Pouteria sapota. A hard, dense wood from Central/South America. Color varies from a deep, solid reddish-brown to a light reddish-orange, and often a combination of both colors. Sapwood is cream in color, and makes for a nice contrast against the red hues. Tree is typically used to make chewing gum!

It was definitely from the orange part of the tree. It turned beautifully with both gouge and scraper. I finished it just with some EEE-Ultra Shine polish after sanding to 400 grit. It really puts a nice polish on it and, depending on the wood and the use of the bowl, can stand on its own without any further finishing product. A small, fairly simple bowl, but sometimes that’s all you need. Later this summer, I think I may try to do some larger, segmented bowls.



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