Yesterday was a long day at school so no activity in the shop at all. Today, however, started with a trip to Parkersburg; primarily to see if Lowe’s and Home Depot had any decent shrubbery (One that looks nice . . . and not too expensive . . .Ni! . . Ni!) – they didn’t. Guess it is too early still. Of course a trip to Parkersburg means a visit to Woodcraft.

O, vile Temptress.

Ok, not really vile, but I always end up spending much more than I had planned, especially since Saturday’s are when they haul out all of the returns and clearance items at really low discounts. (Parkersburg being the home of the chain, they get ALL of the mail order returns.) Today was no exception. I was just going to pick a couple of small things, honest. Then I noticed the nice, new, shiny wet sharpening machine – a TiGer – at over 60% off. This was not a return, they were clearing out a number of them. I tried to avert my gaze, went about the rest of my shopping, but at the checkout, the lure was too great; I put my stuff on the counter and grabbed one from the stack. I know it will make my sharpening chores much easier and faster, which will encourage me to do it more frequently, which means sharper tools, which means safer tools. See, it’s really a safety issue.

Back at the shop, this afternoon, I set about turning the bowl in the cutting board. (The glue up turned out ok.) After the initial roughing out, I had to turn the lathe off after each pass, to make sure I was conforming to the shape of the knife blade. Then sanding to 200 grit. (Of course, a couple of uses and all my sanding goes out the window, but at least I can deliver a smooth product.) Here’s a pic with just the bowl oiled. Tomorrow I will cut, fit and glue some more walnut to fill in the gaps and finish the baord.


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