Second day, second wind

Day two of WIA 2011 started a bit too early, so I decided to sleep in a bit so I would still be awake for the drive home. This helped me figure out my Marketplace strategy and, by forgoing the first session, let me take my time. Rushing always leads to poor purchasing decisions.
My first extended stop was at the Greener lumber booth, a company that reclaims old growth lumber from the rivers of Honduras. Sure enough, they had just what I was looking for, a straight grained board of Hond. mahogany, at a price that was about the same (maybe even less), than newer, less dense, wood. Being in the river for so long drives all of the resins out of the wood, and being old growth, the growth rings are much tighter. This leads to a much heavier, and more resonance (but not resinous), wood; perfect for luthiery. This board is slated for the neck of an upcoming finger style guitar commission.
Next was a stop and shop at Patrick Leach’s booth in search or a crank necked paring chisel for guitar brace shaving. I found a nice old Marples example that should work nicely. Ordered a ryoba from Bridge City tools before getting back to Badaxe to pick up my finished Disston No. 16. It now cuts great and was being coveted by Mark and a few others, so I got it out of their sight and back to the car pronto!
The rest of the day will be with Jay van Arsdale learning more Japanese WW’ing techniques and Charles Brock and techniques for sculpting and shaping modern furniture by power and hand tools.
Bring it on!

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