The second session, which, for reasons that will become clear, I won’t mention the presenter or subject, was a disappointment. What should have been a fun session, had some tech issues at the beginning. This totally threw the presenter. They didn’t seem to know where to start, and didn’t really want to start, until they were resolved. Even then, one supporting technology, that he had brought, still didn’t function as he had intended, nor did he seem to know what to do about it. This left him out of sorts and disorganized sounding. Knowledge of the subject was left wanting because of porridge presentation. I left before the session finished, the first time I have done so.
In teaching, as well as showcasing one’s work, it doesn’t matter how well you know the subject, or how beautiful a work is, if it is presented poorly, it is practically for nought.

This left me with some extra time to cruise the Marketplace. While walking past the various booths, I came to the realization that, while there some things that would be nice to have, there was nothing (so far) that screamed that I must make it mine. (Aside from some new infill planes that I can’t afford, anyway.) I’m sure I will find something before the end of the conference, but I don’t think I’ll have a bounty this year.
Sigh. So many tools, and so little desire to buy them.

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