Gathering of the Tribe

If you’re going       to Cin-cin-nati
Be sure to wear     some sawdust in your hair
If you’re going      to Cin-cin-nati
You’re gonna meet      some grainy people there…

That’s right, its almost time for the Woodworking in America conference to begin. I’ve been sharpening up the tools I’ll need for some of the sessions (and making sure I have some dull ones for the sharpening sessions.) It’s been a challenge, trying to balance the desire to go to as many of the sessions as possible, while still leaving times open to do the hands-on part afterwards, and have time to cruise the Marketplace. (I guess lunch will have to wait until I get back!)

I have found one session that I missed when I was signing up that I definitely want to go to — Frank Klausz’ session on Cutting Mortises Quickly. Now that I have a full compliment of mortise chisels, I should learn how to best use them!  I think I can miss the resawing veneer session to go to it, as long as I make the other Band saw Set-up session.

So, the sessions that I plan on attending are:

  • How to Grind Your Tools
  • Contemporary Design
  • Cutting Mortises Quickly
  • The Essential Router Plane
  • Set Up a Band Saw for Ultimate Precision
  • Sharpening & Using Chisels & Card Scrapers
  • Amazing Router Jigs for Inlay, Ellipses and “Faux” Dovetails
  • Advanced Cuts with a Japanese Saw
  • Planing Impossible Woods
  • Scraping Planes

A nice balance between hand and power tool techniques, with a little design thrown in for good measure.

If you’re there, say hi. I should have some Acorn House gear on. I look forward to meeting everyone. If you see me buying thousands of dollars of tools in the Marketplace, throw some cold water on me, I’ve gone out of control!

One Response to “Gathering of the Tribe”

  1. Hey, Chris.

    I hope to meet you at WIA. I’ve listened to your Spoken Wood podcasts and read your blog for a while and would enjoy meeting you in person.

    I’m planning on attending a number of the same sessions, so I’ll look for you there.

    Brian Gilstrap

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