School work

The last few weeks of the semester are the busiest for a college professor, especially one who teaches music. There are a constant stream of end of semester recitals and concerts to direct and attend, not to mention finals and grading! Doesn’t leave much time for woodworking. One piece that I did manage to finish (and literally, put the finish on in between classes) was a display cabinet for the Fine Arts building’s Atrium, right next to our Auditorium entrance. It will hold student art in the outer cabinets and house award plaques in the center.

Made from walnut shorts that I had in my stock (hence the design) and sycamore for the back and trim. I used Greene and Greene/Japanese inspired finger joints for the joinery.

Since the doors are only 3/8″ of an inch thick, I couldn’t inset an escutcheon, so I made them out of some spalted scraps to sit proud of the surface. Now we are waiting for the glass shelves to be cut to size before putting additional student work in, and the plaques to be attached.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to post until after Christmas, since all of the work now until then will be for gifts. Santa’s workshop doesn’t allow spectators, ho, ho, ho.

So, have a Happy holiday season, be safe, and I’ll see you next year.

3 Responses to “School work”

  1. Nice Cabinet! I really like those type of protruding box joints – I plan on incorporating them into a box I’m building. How did you determine the “right” length for each finger to protrude?

    • acornhouseworkshop Says:

      Thanks. I made these a 1/4 of an inch long. With the rounding over I judged that to be the best look for this piece. It all comes down to your aesthetic. Greene & Greene would have them be a little lower, so the pillowing would come right to the mating surface. Let your inspiration guide you. There is no right or wrong. For a smaller box, you would probably want them lower, too; maybe an 1/8 of an inch proud. Anything less, and I think it would look like you were unable to get them flush, rather than made them long on purpose.

  2. Chris,
    Have yet to compliment you on this award case. It really adds some charm to the otherwise sparce surroundings of the atrium area. I am glad you were willing to share some of your work for the arts department. Maybe you should shift to teaching over in the woodworking department!! Just a thought…

    Congratulations on a wonderful website!

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