I had a “design opportunity” this weekend. I am currently working on a display cabinet for student art and awards for the Fine Arts building where I teach. The cabinet is made of walnut, and will have two locked display cabinets flanking an open area for award plaques. While routing out the rabbits on the door frames, the walnut’s grain was deciding to not cooperate and left me with some tearout in the visible edges. Design opportunity! Instead of going with a rather plain walnut door, I decided to add some molding. And, in keeping with my natural proclivity to use contrasting woods, I grabbed some sycamore from my stock and milled up a rounded molding to cover all of the ruined edges. A much more interesting look, now. As a side bonus, the added sycamore added a lot of strength to the 3/8″ thick doors. (pics will be posted upon completion.)

I finished the video stand with some Early American maple dye and blonde shellac. Trying to brush shellac in the tight confines between the two shelves was a challenge, but I can’t think that there is any easier way. Here is the finished product in use. Since there is a color change between the natural light pic and the pic using a flash, I’m posting both.



The guitar is almost finished in the finishing room. Then I just need to glue on the bridge, attach the neck, finish shaping and slotting the nut, and do the final (initial) setup. Then I can finally hear how it sounds!

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