Now we are one

I am using a bolted mortise and tenon joint to join the neck to the body of the guitar. This system is becoming increasingly popular amongst custom builders. Aside form the ease of construction; it allows for much easier adjustment of the neck angle as the guitar ages and the wood adjusts and moves. This is common to all guitars, regardless of the maker and the neck joint. The more traditional sliding dovetail joint makes this a very complicated job; this joint makes it a piece of cake.

It also means, I can do as many test fittings as I want. So…


Here we are, all together now (all together now), all together now, (all together now…) (Ahem..sorry, been a lot of Beatles in the news lately.) Here is a pic from the side, showing the sloped back.


2 Responses to “Now we are one”

  1. The head looks a lot like a classical guitar design. Are you planning on putting nylon strings on this, or steel?

    • acornhouseworkshop Says:

      This is a steel string guitar. The open headstock/slotted design goes back to 19th century guitars, and is popular nowadays for these smaller guitars amongst custom builders. It helps keep the guitar balanced, with a little less weight at the head. The tuners for a steel string slotted headstock use a steel post for the strings to tie onto, whereas the nylon string guitars would have a plastic post.

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