Dining out

The dining table is finished and delivered (well, picked up). I got all of the extension slide parts made and installed; which meant laying on my back on the garage floor, and drilling a lot of holes. I even had to go old school with my Millers Falls hand crank drill to get in some tighter spots. It worked just as good as the power drill. Then, of course, I had to fill all of those holes with screws. Fun, fun fun!

The last parts to add were the brass alignment pins and the solid brass table keeper (to keep the two halves locked together). That’s when the problems started. I don’t know if I got a poorly made one; or if the table leaves were less than perfectly parallel, but after installing the keeper, and tightening the screws (snug, but not overtight), the keeper part would not come out of the catches. It was locked in. Sure, it kept them locked together very nicely, however, I also expected it to be able to unlock! Very disappointing. I have used a cheaper, plated, type before, which worked fine. That’s what I get for trying to class it up a bit. Off it came. The top should stay together ok; if not, then we’ll slap on one of the cheapie keepers, THAT WORKS!

Then it was stuffed into a Subaru Forrester (and I mean STUFFED!) for the journey up to NY. Who needs leg room to drive, anyway? At least they won’t have to wait for a table, along the way!




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