With the neck and headstock overlay all glued up, it was time for layout. Because of the headstock angle, after doing all the layout on the top of the neck, I had to transfer everything to the underside, so that I could lay it flat, upside down, at the bandsaw. (Now where can I find some transparent mahogany?) Cutting close, but leaving the lines, I finished up doing some hand sanding at the flat granite surface plate and some time at the spindle sander.

This guitar, like the last one, will use a slotted headstock, with the tuner posts coming in from the sides, rather than a solid head with the tuners coming from underneath. I think it looks better on the smaller guitar, and gives it a more 19th century look. So after laying the boundary points for the slots, I drilled four 5/8″ holes through my head. I will use the scrollsaw to connect them, and finish off with a very sharp chisel.


Next will come the hand shaping of the heel and the contouring of the neck. This is the real fun. Here is the close up of the head, with the overlay sandwich. Can you see the scarf joint? (Didn’t think so; isn’t mahogany wonderful!)


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