Happy Arbor Day

The weather has finally obliged with several dry, warm days, letting both materials and grounds dry out, so I was able to finish the arbor. After getting the corner brackets cut, fitted and attached, I tackled the long, top slats. Ripping 12 foot long 2 x 6s in half by yourself is a little daunting, but with the help of a carefully placed featherboard (thanks to Matt’s Basement Workshop schwag), a roller stand and a (mandatory!) splitter, it was accomplished. Then just a matter of working out the placement, drilling some pilot holes, and screwing away. Below is a pic with the wisteria ready to attack on the right.

With the carpentry out of the way, I can get back to fine (I hope!) woodworking, and the table. After tomorrow, that is, and a family get together in Columbus, where, with a little side trip, I hope to score a nice big slab of Mahogony.


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