Plow Plane

I’ve been having some discussions on the Fine Woodworking Knots forum about how to clean an antique Plow plane that I acquired. There are many debates in the collecting community about how to clean old tools, when to clean old tools, and IF you should clean old tools at all. I have read methods ranging from wax, mineral spirits, lacquer thinner, Murphy’s Oil Soap, etc……

One of the problems with this particular plane are that all of the screws are rusted and locked in place. I don’t want to risk breaking any of them (hard to find replacement 150 year old screws at Lowes!) so I may not be able to make this a user; it may just remain on display. (Hmmmm, guess that means I’ll have to build a display case. Yet another project to add to the list.)

This plow plane was made by J. Kellogg in Amhearst, Mass. c.1850s-1860s. Being originally from Massachusetts myself, I’m going to stick to collecting planes from Mass. makers.


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